Bev & Chaya

I am Beverly, and joined the Hope Vets Team in April (2010) to help out once a week with some of the basic admin and accounting work.  In January 2013 my job expanded to help take care of my grand daughter, which is an enormous privilege and delight.

In May 2011, I had the second best surprise of my life – a puppy. Her name is Freilach, and she gives me much joy. I know everyone thinks their dogs are the best, but Freilach is the best – loyal, exuberant and delightfully affectionate.

I must say, I love spending time at Hope Vets surgery.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.  It’s great fun to meet the animals who come to the practice – such a range of personalities!

I’m also very impressed with the efficiency, skill and care with which the practice is run – a perfect blend of personal and professional.  This is of course a totally objective appraisal.  I have not been influenced in the slightest by the fact that I am mother to one member of the Hope Vets team (see if you can guess which one) – and very fond of all of them!

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