Hi everybody! I’m Sarah, the newest addition to the Hope Vets nursing team,  and I qualified 10 years ago. I have worked in many different practices, most recently at a referral hospital in London which was a great experience. I am also trained as a nutritional consultant for when I was working with Hills (food company), I have a certificate and a Diploma in Feline Nursing.

Living with me I have Frank, a 13 year old British Short-hair cross, who recently had his thyroid removed and is making a good recovery, Beryl the Russian hamster who enjoys playing with Franks beaver toy and chasing him round the house in her hamster ball, and Babygirl – a dark tortoiseshell (naughty tortie).

I am focusing mainly on geriatric cat clinics and screening, and nutrition, so if you have any questions regarding this please feel free, and I look forward to meeting you all, and your lovely pets.