Is your cat over 10? Check their blood pressure!

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Free blood pressure check for every cat over the age of 10 in for vaccination!

High blood pressure affects about 1 in 5 cats. It can be a secondary consequence of kidney disease or an overactive thyroid or heart disease. It can also occur all by itself. It is much more common in older cats.

…And I love it! Why? I hear you ask. Well of all the old cat diseases we see, this one is a goodie. First off it’s treatable and we love that. Also it is easy and not stressful to measure. Add to that, detecting high blood pressure can give you advance warning of other serious but controllable diseases which if found early can be managed much more effectively. And to top it off, if we pick up high blood pressure early we might be able to prevent blindness, kidney failure and neurological symptoms such as dementia. So what’s not to like?

We are offering free blood pressure checks for older cats (over 10 years old) who come in for vaccination. When you book your cat in for vaccination please request a free blood pressure check so we can allocate you enough time for it. Measuring blood pressure is really simple, it is essentially similar to how your blood pressure is measured at the GP surgery, but because cats much smaller than you, we have to amplify the pulse signal using a machine called a Doppler which we listen to using headphones. Most cats will tolerate having their blood pressure measured really well, but it is essential that they are calm (otherwise just like with you there is a “white coat effect”) so we try and keep the cats really chilled and happy.  If your cat’s blood pressure is high we will need to verify this in a second visit (to make sure that the blood pressure is consistently high) and then we can recommend any additional tests to ensure we get a complete picture as to what is going on.

If we can detect high blood pressure this year then that could be one less cat going blind, having failing kidneys or experiencing dementia next year.

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