Free Geriatric Screening for cats over 10!

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I am so pleased to be introducing Hope Vets new Geriatric Screening Program for cats over 10 years old. It is something I have wanted to do for ages and have been mulling over. Day to day we see so many elderly cats who are too ill to be able to help in any meaningful way. If we could only identify these older cats with disease earlier then we could make a real difference to their quality of life and longevity. Cats are awkward customers as they don’t complain or shout about being unwell, there are often no obvious signs, just subtle changes in routine or gradual weight loss. So we have finally got a screening program sorted and best of all it is free!

All we need now is you, so please read the info below and look at the pdf link below for a voucher.

Kidney disease is really common in over tens. It can cause weight loss, picky appetite, vomiting and increased drinking and weeing. If left unchecked it will gradually progress until your cat is in kidney failure and unfortunately there is no dialysis or kidney transplant in cats (yet). There isn’t anything we can do to cure kidney disease but the good news is that if it is detected early, we can slow it down. Even a simple change in your cat’s diet can increase their lifespan by a whopping 15 months.
For more information on kidney disease see:

An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is another very common disease of older cats. It causes everything in the body to go at super speed so the metabolism is very fast and they lose weight despite eating ravenously, their hearts also beat very fast, their coats get all clumpy and they can get pretty cranky. Hyperthyroidism can be successfully treated and treatment will prevent the knock on consequences of heart failure and dramatic weight loss.
For more information on hyperthyroidism see:

Us vets are getting more and more interested in high blood pressure in cats. It is a primary disease in its own right and high blood pressure will damage the more delicate organs in the body. Disease of the kidneys, heart and thyroid will often cause secondary high blood pressure. If your cat’s blood pressure is too high it can cause effects all over the body, such as kidney disease, dementia and blindness – again, pick it up early and treat it and all these dire effects can be prevented.
For more information on high blood pressure see:

So … (drum roll please)…….

We will do basic screening for the above diseases for FREE!

FREE  WEIGHT CHECKS: Regular weight checks will alert us early to a potential problem.

FREE  BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS: We offer a free blood pressure check with all cats over 10 with a voucher.

FREE  URINE TESTING: We will test the concentration of your cat’s urine to check for kidney disease. All you need to do is collect a free urine sampling kit and pop the urine in to us to test.

Click here for geriatric flyer which includes the voucher you need.