Good Luck Heather

Our own very special nurse Heather is about to sit her final nursing exams, wishing her all the very best of luck. Now if she would just get off the... Read More ›››

Growing up fast

The human pet is growing up fast, approaching 3, and systematically dodging through past and over all my previously infallible dog training techniques. It’s a bit trickier dealing with a... Read More ›››

19 months old now

19 months old now and doesn’t time fly. Chaya is now quite the little human and sadly we have very little expertise in that area. She is funny cheerful and... Read More ›››

10 months old now…

Chaya is 10 months old now and is great. She is a little diva and I’m not sure how long I can continue to apply dog training principles to her... Read More ›››

Baby Chaya Sieff born 10th January

Steph and Steve are delighted to announce the birth of their baby girl. Her name is Chaya ( just ask Elspeth how to pronounce it) and she was born on... Read More ›››

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