“Really? Ducks now?” (Steve was incredulous!)

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We recently had some orphaned ducklings brought to us by a member of the public, after their mother had been hit by a car. They were wondering around obviously scared. We took them in to keep them safe and have been rearing them here at the practice.

We set up an incubator with bedding, food and water. After a day so we introduced them to a small pool, to start them swimming. As you can see from the pictures and videos they took to it literally “like a duck to water”. They started to gain weight and become more confident and even vocal! We have named them Michelangelo (Mike for when he quacks with a common accent) and Clive. They haven’t quite learnt their names yet but I’m sure they will. We are setting up a secure outdoor run and home for them that on warm days they are able to go out and get fresh air. So hopefully they will learn all the normal duck behaviours despite not having a mum to show them.