Sacha crufts

Hi, I’m Sacha. I joined the team in February after spending so much time here with my dogs I must have qualified for my very own seat!

Before joining Hope, over the years I have had various catering and cleaning jobs, fitting in around my three daughters, but now I have finally found a job that I love which also fits in perfectly around my family and dogs.

My passion is my Irish Wolfhounds. At the moment I have three, two from my litter, Bobbie & Minnie and our show girl Penny … but I am working on number four! I have only bred one litter to date, six years ago but I’m hoping Penny will give us our second this year. I don’t show very much, but have been fortunate enough to show at Crufts four times, gaining two second places, a third and a VHC (5th).

I love the variety of clients (both human and non human) and also the variety of day to day tasks here at Hope. But of course my most favourite thing is cuddles (with the non human clients!) and being the “nice” one who gets to give the biscuits – and not the needles! I still have lots to learn and lots of clients to get to know but I think I am getting there gradually. I look forward to meeting you all at some time in the future :0)

Sacha on dog couch