Watch out for slime!

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Swimming in rivers and lakes during the summer is a good way to cool off on a hot day, but there is a hidden danger – BLUE/GREEN ALGAE!

In the summer, the temperature and favourable conditions help the blue/green algae to grow in fresh water bodies. Unfortunately, it is not always visible in the water and leads to an increase in production of toxins by this algae which are poisonous to dogs!

When eaten or drunk it has very quick onset and can have disastrous effects if not dealt with quickly.

Signs include: vomiting blood, tender tummy, diarrhoea, pale gums, weakness, wobbling, collapsing, high sensitivity to pain, tremoring, convulsions, difficulty breathing, blue gums and coma. Long term effects can include liver failure.

If your dog drinks or eats things in or around lakes, ponds or rivers, be careful and aware of the possible risks.
If you think your dog has been poisoned by this algae or has just eaten some and you think it may cause an issue, please call us immediately on 01442 833198 or VetsNow Emergency Out of Hours service in Hemel Hempstead 01442 768484.

The BVA have issued a warning regarding blue green algae again this year.

dog drinking from river