Clinic Tour

We would love to show you around properly, so do pop in and see us. But in the meantime, since I know you can’t wait, come right this way….

Floor plan Office Dog Ward Utility Room Preparation Room Operating Theater Xray / Dental Room Dispensary Consulting Rooms Reception Cat Ward Isolation

Thanks for letting me show off, we are very proud of our practice, having designed it and equipped it all ourselves. Do pop in and see it for real anytime you are passing.


RECEPTION: Welcome, come on in. This is Hope Vets’ reception, where all major gossip and socialising takes place. Drop by and see us. If you are here for an appointment, this is where you will wait. There is plenty of space so hopefully we can avoid dogs and cat stressing each other out. From time to time we have our puppy socialisation parties here so watch your step. We also have a variety of must-haves for your pet on sale in reception, feel free to browse and ask us questions.

KENNELS: We have 3 different wards – one for cats, one for dogs and a separate area reserved for animals who need a quiet life or animals who need to be kept separate for some reason. Having cats and dogs in separate wards is wonderful, it allows the animals to feel so much more settled and secure. I must admit that animals in kennels become special to us very quickly, we can attend to their every need and even do physio for the oldies to stop them getting stiff. We have kennels for all sizes of pet, so everyone can be comfortably housed and with lots of outdoor space the dogs can even get regular fresh air provided they are fit enough.

CONSULTING ROOM: We have 3 regular consulting rooms and have converted the office into an auxiliary consulting room, all in use for vet and nurse consults. Everything we need to examine your animal is kept in the consult rooms, this is where we will explain any problem and answer all your questions. Then together we will come up with a diagnostic or treatment plan.


DISPENSARY: The rest of the clinic is restricted access, but stay with me and I’ll give you a sneaky peek behind the scenes. Let’s start with dispensary. We keep all our supplies here and this is also where we process blood samples and do lab work. This enables us to reach a diagnosis quickly without always having to wait for the courier to take samples to external labs.


PREP: This is where it all happens. Here we take samples, prepare animals for surgery, examine animals and have a good think about what to do next. It is also the place where if you are really lucky you may see us strut our stuff and have a little boogie to a good tune.

THEATRE: I’ll just let you have a little peek in theatre, but I’m afraid we can’t go in, to enter you need to be wearing special theatre shoes and clothes. We keep a minimum of equipment in here to give the bugs nowhere to hide from all the disinfectant that gets splashed about. This all helps to ensure that the operating theatre is kept sterile for surgery and keeps our rates of post operative infection extremely low, something we are really proud of.

X-RAY & DENTAL: You don’t need any special theatre clothing in here. Lots of procedures happen in this room. We keep all our x-ray, ultrasound and dental equipment here. Any non sterile procedures are restricted to this area (those are the grotty ones like infected teeth and gooey abscesses). That door at the back goes through to the dark room – this means that we can process x-rays (all done digitally now) and see inside your animal within minutes.

UTILITY: Ooops you caught us. This is where we can take a break and stick the kettle on. Often you have to fight for a chair as the ever expanding Sieff family tend to hang out here but I’m sure someone will move over to make room for you…

OFFICE: This used to be Steve’s practice man cave, but we eventually persuaded him to let us use it as a real office and auxiliary consult room. Much more useful. He’s almost over it now – we think.