Watch out for slime!

Swimming in rivers and lakes during the summer is a good way to cool off on a hot day, but there is a hidden danger – BLUE/GREEN ALGAE! In the... Read More ›››

“Really? Ducks now?” (Steve was incredulous!)

We recently had some orphaned ducklings brought to us by a member of the public, after their mother had been hit by a car. They were wondering around obviously scared.... Read More ›››

Hope Vets extended family…

You may have noticed increasing numbers of cats around our clinic. Well, they certainly know a soft touch when they see one! There has been a feral cat colony living... Read More ›››

Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns – for humans not dogs!

Happy Easter! A time for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns – but not for dogs! Chocolate, while delicious, contains a substance called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs. Raisins in... Read More ›››

Free Geriatric Screening for cats over 10!

I am so pleased to be introducing Hope Vets new Geriatric Screening Program for cats over 10 years old. It is something I have wanted to do for ages and... Read More ›››

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