Friend or foe?

Do you know if your cats are friends or foes? Best buds or just tolerating each other? Most cats are happier living the single life, this is how many will... Read More ›››

Pet passports and Brexit

ARE YOU CONSIDERING TRAVELLING WITH YOUR PET NEXT YEAR? If so, please read on or Brexit might seriously get in the way of your plans. Just like everyone else, we... Read More ›››

Hope Vets on the BBC

We like to think of ourselves as serving the local community but now and again we don’t mind venturing further afield. So when the BBC asked us to help with... Read More ›››

Watch out for slime!

Swimming in rivers and lakes during the summer is a good way to cool off on a hot day, but there is a hidden danger – BLUE/GREEN ALGAE! In the... Read More ›››

“Really? Ducks now?” (Steve was incredulous!)

We recently had some orphaned ducklings brought to us by a member of the public, after their mother had been hit by a car. They were wondering around obviously scared.... Read More ›››

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