Neither you nor your rabbit ever want maggots!

The warmer months can be a worrying time to care for our little (or big) bunnies. This is due to something called “flystrike”. It occurs when flies lay their eggs... Read More ›››

Hot dogs in hot cars!

During the summer it is easy to forget that our furrier friends are often as hot as we are, if not more so. Here are a few tips to make... Read More ›››

Skin allergies starting in spring!

Its all good fun, playing in the long grass on a summers day or running through the flowers. Until your dog starts scratching. This can often be caused by antigens,... Read More ›››

Microchip your dog – it’s the law!

Yes it’s true, after April 2016 it will be illegal for any dog over 8 weeks old not to be microchipped. This is great as microchips allow us to identify... Read More ›››