Hi. I’m Steven and I am practice manager here at Hope Vets. Broadly speaking my job is to make sure that the girls have everything they need to provide the best possible care and attention to you and your pets. Let me step out of the shadows for a second to tell you a bit about myself…

Perhaps inspired by my parents, I have always wanted to run my own business. I have also always had dogs, but until I met Stephanie, it did not occur to me that my business would be animal based. Then Stephanie and I got together, and I quite quickly realised that the best way to see my wife and to pursue my career ambitions would be for us to open a business together. The idea that became Hope Vets was born!

If you’ve already read Stephanie’s intro then you probably have a good idea of what our home is like. Three gorgeous crazy border collies, a little mongrel who thinks she’s a collie, two super friendly cats and a baby girl make for a busy life and a very entertaining one. It’s probably fair to say that my leisure time is mostly split between dog sport and human sport. With the dogs it is principally agility, with the odd bit of flyball and cani-x (cross country racing with dogs on leads) thrown in.

At agility I run our middle collie, Leeloo. Lee is the smallest of the three which means she has to really give everything to succeed in jumping over obstacles that the bigger collies take in their stride. She is also from show rather than working lines, so possibly less naturally inclined than the others towards the types of activity we do. Fortunately though, my little girl has a massive heart so she will take anything on, no matter what the odds. In fact in our agility partnership it is me that’s the limiting factor not her!

Stephanie and I seem to spend countless hours urging dogs over jumps or trudging through muddy fields but somewhere in my week I do manage to find the time to participate in and watch sports which don’t involve the dogs. Squash and hockey are the main two, but I will gladly watch and talk about just about any sport which doesn’t involve motors.

Having spent most of my life on a hockey field, my latter years have seen a switch inside to the squash court. In my youth I managed to play hockey to a reasonable standard, so even though I’m rubbish at squash, I still take my training pretty seriously. Indeed some people would say that my fascination with heart rates, recovery rates and nutrition fall on the wrong side of obsessive…

Anyway, that’s quite enough about me. It’s Stephanie and the others you have come to see!

Steve feeding baby
Leeloo & Macy