Welcome to Hope Vets, the result of our hopes and dreams both for ourselves and for what we feel veterinary practice should be to you and for your pets.

  • Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns - for humans not dogs! - Happy Easter! - A time for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns – but not for dogs! - Chocolate, while delicious, contains a substance called... More →
  • Free Geriatric Screening for cats over 10! - I am so pleased to be introducing Hope Vets new Geriatric Screening Program for cats over 10 years old. It is something I have wanted to do for ages... More →
  • So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, goodbye! - A big farewell to two dearly beloved staff members - Kirsty and Jess. - Kirsty has gone onto bigger and better (ish) - training in practice... More →
  • RCVS Accredited Practice! - We are proud to announce, Hope Vets are once again an RCVS Accredited Small Animal General Practice! - What does this mean? - This means that we are... More →
  • Distressing News - It has come to our attention that the so called M25 animal killer may be operating in our local area. We cannot confirm this, but it appears there is... More →
  • Beef jerky alert! - The VPIS (or the Veterinary Poisons Information Service to me and you) have advised against buying and feeding your pets beef jerky, specifically... More →
  • Unexpected guinea pig babies! - It seems that Hope Vets have become responsible for the nursery guinea pigs and after poor Truffles passed away we found Twix some new companions:... More →
  • Watch out for slime! - Following a tragic sudden death in our local area we have had a shocking reminder of the danger of still water to dogs. - Swimming in rivers and... More →
  • Is your cat over 10? Check their blood pressure! - Free blood pressure check for every cat over the age of 10 in for vaccination! - High blood pressure affects about 1 in 5 cats. It can be a secondary... More →
  • Bird Flu - Have you got backyard chickens? - In response to the heightened risk of H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza, DEFRA, Scottish Government and Welsh... More →
Free feline geriatric screening - call for more details

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