Welcome to Hope Vets, the result of our hopes and dreams both for ourselves and for what we feel veterinary practice should be to you and for your pets.

  • Compulsory cat microchipping - The legislation has now been laid in Parliament to make cat microchipping compulsory. - The new rules mean cats must be implanted with a microchip... More →
  • Tarmac is here! - Have you experienced our new lane? The access lane to the practice has now been covered in tarmac and is running smoothly. The only advantage of the... More →
  • Eaten Chocolate? - Our emergency service, Vets Now, have produced a helpful tool to help you assess what action to take if your dog has eaten chocolate. Chocolate... More →
  • Taking pets to Europe from January 2021 - Of course nothing is certain right now and travelling is probably far from your minds, but I just wanted to update you on the latest situation... More →
  • Getting a new puppy during lockdown - What a fantastic opportunity! While everyone is at home it - is a wonderful time to introduce a new puppy whilst you have plenty of time to - bond.... More →
  • Rescuing from abroad - things to think about - There are many charities dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray dogs, whether it be here in the UK, or abroad from countries such as Romania or... More →
  • A big thank you! - A huge thank you to everyone who donated money over the past few months. Whether it was a few pound or some loose change, every penny makes a... More →
  • Friend or foe? - Do you know if your cats are friends or foes? Best buds or just tolerating each other? - Most cats are happier living the single life, this is how... More →
  • Hope Vets on the BBC - We like to think of ourselves as serving the local community but now and again we don't mind venturing further afield. So when the BBC asked us to... More →
  • Hope Vets extended family... - You may have noticed increasing numbers of cats around our clinic. Well, they certainly know a soft touch when they see one! There has been a feral... More →
We are told that between 25th Sept and 7th Oct Shantock Hall Lane will be closed for improvement work between Bell Farm and Leyhill Road. Half the time they seem to make the dates up as they go along, but to be safe, we are advising everyone to count on accessing the practice from the Shantock Lane (South) end while the work is going on.
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    Everything you need to know about how things work at Hope Vets and what we can offer you and your pet.

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    Come and have a peek inside our purpose-built clinic.
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