The Team

Time to meet the team! We can’t get to know you but in the meantime, here’s a bit about us…


Stephanie Our Head Vet

Steph’s our big chief. Hope Vets was originally just a twinkle in her eye and now with a lot of joy and hard slog it’s a reality.  Steph is now curating a small zoo –   2 ponies, 3 rats, 2 cats and 3 dogs and a small but rapidly growing child!


Steven Practice Manager

Steve’s our go to guy (provided he isn’t on the squash courts of course). He keeps everything working and running so we can focus on the animals. Yes, he definitely got the bad end of the deal but we let him see the animals every now and again as a treat.


Poppy Vet

Poppy is our other vet and has proved to be another fantastic member of our team. She is quite a character and loves being a vet as much as she loves her dogs, music and talking!

Beverly Book Keeper

Bev is mother to Hope Vets, book keeper and granny-nanny. So without her we would never know what dangers to be on the lookout for, bills wouldn’t get paid and Steph would never have returned from maternity leave.

Miraj and Rodney

Miraj Locum Vet

Miraj is our vet who covers when Poppy, Sara or Steph are on holiday. You may see him around, smiling away!

Pam Part-time veterinary nurse

Pam is our newest addition to the nursing team. An experienced nurse with a lot to offer, Pam will be with us Tuesdays and Fridays!


Sam Receptionist

Sam is a familiar face around the village and is an integral part of our little team. She has been nursing since the dark ages but has recently moved to our reception team.

Pam Veterinary Nurse

Pam is our ‘sensible’ member of the nursing team. An experienced nurse with a lot to offer, Pam is with us Tuesdays and Fridays!

Lizzy Veterinary Nurse

Lizzy is one of our nursing team with a special interest in behaviour. She already has dogs and cats at home. Matter of time until horses come along?

Donna Receptionist

Donna used to be a client, but is now on the other side of the desk with us. A friendly face and dog enthusiast!

Jimmi Nursing Assistant

Jimmi is our nursing assistant, now full time, she will be helping around all aspects of the practice, no doubt chatting about her 2 dogs, ponies and many cats…

Sara Vet

Sara (without an H) is horse crazy and with a love of collies, she is keen to get to know everyone, and of course, your lovely little pets. Just ask about her new fur-baby – Blake!