Useful Pet Info

Free Geriatric Screening for cats over 10!

I am so pleased to be introducing Hope Vets new Geriatric Screening Program for cats over 10 years old. It is something I have wanted to do for ages and... Read More ›››

RCVS Accredited Practice!

We are proud to announce, Hope Vets are once again an RCVS Accredited Small Animal General Practice! What does this mean? This means that we are promoting the highest standard... Read More ›››

General Information

Selection of informative handouts covering pet travel, parasites, toothbrushing, vaccination, tummy upsets and even fireworks…. Pet travel – simple guide to taking your dog, cat or ferret abroad using a pet passport…... Read More ›››


Small Pets

Everything you need to know about caring for the smaller creatures…. Choosing the right small pet – what species is right for you and your family? Chinchilla Rat Gerbil Hamster Rabbit... Read More ›››


Everything you need to know about caring for kittens, travelling with cats, introducing new pets to a cat, and if that isn’t enough, kittening…. Your new kitten – get to grips... Read More ›››

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