Hi I’m Sara. I qualified as a vet from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011. Since graduating I have solely worked with small animals and spent my early years in a small practice in West London (where I also did school work experience and seeing practice as a vet student!). I’m really happy to have joined the team here at Hope Vets and look forward to meeting all of you and your lovely pets! I am interested in all aspects of small animal practice but particularly enjoy internal medicine cases!

Outside of work I enjoy catching up with friends and am a keen horse owner. I grew up around horses and got the horsey bug from my mum at an early age. I have a very mischievous Spanish Horse called Rockero (a.k.a. Ro or in naughtier moments ASBO!) who I have owned since he was 4 years old. He is a big character and I love him dearly (just as well really as he can be rather cheeky!). He loves to learn and has a lot of energy, which must be put to good use with exercise… otherwise he finds his own entertainment!

Animals have been a big part of my life. Like Steph and Steve, I am also a big Border Collie fan and was lucky to have my beautiful boy Luka for nearly 12 years. Luka came from show lines and was a laid back character who had the most amazing temperament.  I adore the breed and had always planned to get another one. In August 2019 my dream came true – I got a new bundle of fur called Blake.

I also have a soft spot for tortoiseshell cats, as I had feisty little cat called Laser for 15 years (who definitely lived up to the naughty tortie reputation!) but no cats on the horizon just yet.