Rescuing from abroad – things to think about

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There are many charities dedicated to rescuing and re-homing stray dogs, whether it be here in the UK, or abroad from countries such as Romania or Serbia.

Re-homing a rescue dog is a big undertaking, and as the amount of dogs being brought over from abroad for re-homing rises, there are few things to consider as you might be going through the process.

Some dogs will not have been very well socialised or trained, so may need extra work with a trainer or behaviourist and will take a while to adjust.
There is a risk of exotic parasites or illnesses that will need to be addressed quickly with a vet in the UK as well as general health checks.
And some pets may be brought into the UK without proper checks or documents, so it is often best to find a rescue pet through a reputable source or charity, or look to adopt more locally.

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