Hot dogs in hot cars!

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During the summer it is easy to forget that our furrier friends are often as hot as we are, if not more so.
Here are a few tips to make sure your pet does not get too hot – especially when out travelling.

1 – If you are too hot or cold in your car, your dog probably is too.

2 – Take regular stops to allow your dog to go to the toilet and for a refreshing drink (just as you would yourself).

3 – Avoid leaving your pet inside the car without someone with them.

4 – Keep the windows slightly open so that your dog can get some fresh air while travelling.

If you spot a dog locked in a car, on a warm day, with no sign of the owner about, please tell someone about it (either a shop keeper, or the closest facility) so that they may make an announcement about it and alert the owner to the issue.

When it’s hot and the sun is shining, cars become something like greenhouses, and the temperature can rise very quickly. It is important that dogs at least have a fresh supply of air in the car and water at the very least, but it is best not to leave them in there at all.

If you’re popping by the practice, please take a thermometer, which also has some handy tips on the back about staying cool.

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