Hope Vets on the BBC

We like to think of ourselves as serving the local community but now and again we don’t mind venturing further afield. So when the BBC asked us to help with... Read More ›››

Hope Vets extended family…

You may have noticed increasing numbers of cats around our clinic. Well, they certainly know a soft touch when they see one! There has been a feral cat colony living... Read More ›››

Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns – for humans not dogs!

Happy Easter! A time for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns – but not for dogs! Chocolate, while delicious, contains a substance called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs. Raisins in... Read More ›››

Tablet vs Spot-on

There are now two main ways to battle parasites – do you prefer tablets or spot ons? A tablet once a month will cover your dog’s main parasites such as... Read More ›››

Ticks on the increase!

You may have seen the news headlines recently stating that nearly 1 in 3 dogs visiting vets last summer were found to be carrying at least one tick. This stat... Read More ›››